About Us
The Charity's objectives are for the benefit of the people of Carmarthenshire and the public at large:
  • To preserve, restore and regenerate, the historical, architectural, constructional and environmental heritage that may exist in and around Carmarthenshire in buildings, sites or areas of particular beauty or historical, architectural, constructional or environmental interest.
  • To advance the education of the public in history, arts, culture and heritage or Carmarthenshire and the surrounding area.
  • To promote such charities or charitable purposes as the Charity may by unanimous resolution of its members from time to time decide.
CHRT Directors
  • Sir Roger Jones OBE
    • Chairman of the Trust
  • Ven Randolph Thomas
    • Vice President, Trinity St. David, University of Wales
  • Mr Robert Pugh
    • Businessman
  • Mr Simon Wardle
    • Heritage Professional
  • Mr Robert Parker
    • Management Consultant
  • Mr J C Williams MBE
    • Vice Chair of CHRT; Retired public servant
Its Officers are:
  • Ms Claire Deacon - Secretary, CEO