Our Mission
The late 19th century historian Sir O.M. Edwards stated:
Our land is a living thing, not a grave of forgetfulness under our feet. Every hill has its history, every locality its romance, every part of the landscape wears its particular glory.
His description encapsulates the philosophy of the Carmarthenshire Heritage Regeneration Trust to:
  • understand the nature of our land, and heritage
  • generate benefit, in meaningful and sympathetic ways, from the heritage assets for local communities
  • benefit the wider economy of Wales
A number of well-established heritage and cultural projects already generate direct economic benefit to the area. There is potential to build upon this success and the Carmarthenshire Heritage Regeneration Trust has been established to:
(i) Develop, in partnership with other groups and organisations, a coherent vision and realistic strategy for heritage and regeneration that can be translated into feasible and practical projects
(ii) work with other groups and organisations to deliver practical projects that will have economic and cultural benefit
(iii) to develop the conservation/heritage skills base in the area by the establishment of an educational and training arm to work in conjunction with existing providers
(iv) to provide for groups, organisations and private bodies a support service to advise on projects, grant applications etc