Learning from the Landscape - Understanding Through Involvement 2009-2011
For more information on this exciting innovative project with 150 children from special educational needs units in Pembrokeshire, Swansea and Carmarthenshire please visit our blog site for full information.

Other Projects
Early in 2005 the Trust completed the Voices of Agriculture oral history pilot project, which created a databank of oral and pictorial information on the influences that have affected agriculture since 1947 in Carmarthenshire. The recordings are available at the National Library of Wales and at The Museum of Welsh Life. You can read more about Voice of Agriculture at http://www.voicesofagriculture.org. The successful pilot project, which covered the whole of Carmarthenshire, is now being used by the WDA to provide useful feedback on Agri-Food development.
An on-going project with the Trust, in its capacity as a Revolving Building Preservation Trust, is the restoration and conversion of Llanelly House in Llanelli. You may have seen this impressive Grade I listed, early 18th century town house on the BBC's Restoration programme in 2003.
The intention is to transfer Llanelly House to the Trust so that it can undertake the restoration work, with the restored building being returned to the Town Council at some time thereafter. Carmarthenshire County Council has agreed to give the project its full support and is currently securing funding to carry out highway improvements adjacent to the house.
Two studies were completed at the end of 2004, which have given rise to a number of new opportunities.
Firstly the Cherished Properties Marketing Initiative identified properties in Carmarthenshire suitable for restoration and alternative use, but which are not currently being actively addressed. The principal thrust of the project is the attraction of new private sector equity into the county to deal with important properties that have not been, and cannot be, restored to useful purpose by their owners or by existing public and voluntary sector organisations. This effectively marks a new approach to conservation. Through active marketing, and a combination of facilitation by the CHRT and grant support from the public and voluntary sectors, these properties can be taken forward as commercial developments by the private sector. A key element would be the offering of assistance or a partnership role to owners who would not otherwise be capable of rescuing their historic property. The report constituted the first phase of a programme of work, laid out the general background, identified a long and short list of key properties, and set out the general approach to taking the whole initiative (and the individual properties) forward in the manner of a Business Plan.
Secondly the Llanelli Heritage Development Study was undertaken to identify major potential cultural, historical and industrial heritage regeneration sites and projects in the Llanelli area of Carmarthenshire. The report recommend to the funding partners an overall strategy for promoting, developing and supporting these projects and gave detailed project proposals for a short list of priority projects. Full consultation was undertaken and many community organisations, as well as the local and County Councils were involved in steering the project. We are now working to disseminate the results of the project on as wide a basis as possible - particularly to raise the profile locally and to raise the interest and support of current and potential funding bodies for the identified projects.
Carmarthenshire Heritage Regeneration Trust can perform a role throughout every stage of a project:
  • identification of the project
  • the production of a strategy
  • production of a Feasibility and Options study
  • negotiation with all interested parties
  • production of Business Plan
  • production of Conservation Plan
  • impact assessment
  • educational and training assessment
  • source funding identification and application
  • implementation of projects
  • publicity